Trust the People, Trust The Process.

Enshored’s clients all face different challenges.

We set up Enshored to work with fast growing companies with evolving business models. We needed to define an approach that can allow us to be successful in a range of very different environments. We are proud of the engagement model we built for this.

We have an ever-expanding toolkit that helps us work with those outsourcing for a first time, through to veterans who know what issues to anticipate and how to address them. We talk to all of our clients weekly and most of them daily, and are driven to deliver the data you need to be happy that your team are delivering as expected.

Team Selection is critical to success.

At Enshored we challenge our people every day to be more creative. When our clients are moving so quickly they depend on our help to optimize how they do today’s work while they focus on what comes next.

The people we hire to fit into the Enshored way of working are harder to find than an average outsourced employee. We’ve established recruitment techniques to identify the personality attributes we know are necessary to be successful at Enshored and for our clients. While we all look different we are all alike in being curious and diligent students of our clients and the environments they operate in.

How We Do It



on desired outcomes

This means making sure that both parties quickly get to the point of defining what the work is, where it fits into the bigger picture, and how to measure success.



current state analysis

Our team will get deep into the workflow and available documentation (if any) for the processes. We will also review what changes may need to be made in terms of roles and responsibilities. We will often identify and eliminate things your team are doing that are not helping you reach your goals.



a change model

We will identify a variety of alternatives to the current process, and look at technology and people options that may produce better results. We generally offer clients different ways to start the engagement, depending on needs and risk tolerance. We are happy to learn and then grow – selecting a path that makes best sense for the partnership’s long term success.




We’ve done a lot of these implementations. We know how to build out the implementation plan at the appropriate level of detail for the work we are taking on. We make sure the technology issues are ironed out, the right people are hired, and that we have a solid plan for training and roll-out. We encourage our clients to work side by side with our team.




Once we get through a successful launch of any operational process we then look at what’s next. We will always find improvements. Sometimes we can identify additional areas where Enshored can help. We will also build out great reporting channels back to our clients, so that the formal and informal information necessary for running operations is in place. We’ll regularly review our team and challenge them to continue making a bigger and bigger impact on their clients.

Our Values

We are Curious

We ask questions because we have an intense desire to know and understand each of our clients and colleagues and apply this knowledge to serve you better

We are Value-driven

We are unrelenting in our search for more value for our clients, which we deliver through creating and operating customized solutions that make our clients more competitive

We are Open-minded

We maintain a flexible delivery model and consider all options when designing and building out an outsourced team for you

We are Transparent

We are an extension of our clients business and we act like it – you get to know us as we work side by side every day

What We Believe


All companies are formed to satisfy an unfilled need. As companies find success in that endeavor, their leaders find themselves in a dilemma, spending less time growing their business and nurturing their culture and more time managing the “noise” associated with building an operating platform and putting out fires.


We believe that building an operating platform that aligns with your business strategy accelerates growth, reduces cost and increases quality. We also believe the best way to accomplish this is for business leaders to partner with experts in operations the same way they partner with firms for tax, legal and financial advice.


Enshored partners with business leaders to remove the “noise” so they can focus on what inspired them in the first place – satisfying the unfilled need.

See how we enabled 25% annual growth while reducing cost and improving quality.

How an education technology company partnered with Enshored to bolster its team, reduce management oversight and get better at serving their customers.

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