At Enshored, we provide a broad range of solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Our clients rely on us to support them across an array of critical functions. We don’t just replicate their existing operations, but layer on top our process experience and knowledge of best practices, improving and streamlining daily workloads.

Customer Care

At Enshored, we know how to manage customer interactions to the same high standards we know our clients expect. We operate across voice, chat and email channels, mastering each client’s unique ways of managing all customer interactions.

For clients who are new to outsourcing our team can help them through the journey at a speed they are comfortable with.

  • Inbound support
  • Outbound support and follow-ups
  • Sales and order taking
  • Omni-channel support
  • Process improvement

Data Processing

Data processing and back office functions are critical to many of our clients. We would be willing to bet that we get more excited about outsourcing data entry functions than pretty much anyone we’ve ever met. At Enshored, we deliver a consistent and exceptional level of quality across a range of scenarios. We handle both simple and complex processes, and know how to set up the right teams to succeed based on our clients’ unique requirements.

In particular we are very active supporting a range of e-commerce clients.

  • Data manipulation and cleaning
  • Data verification
  • Research
  • E-commerce support
  • Image tagging and editing
  • Data transcription
  • Reporting

Sales & Marketing

Every sales team has repetitive functions that are ripe for outsourcing. At Enshored, we have outstanding lead generation research knowledge, based on experience in multiple industries and verticals. We like to believe that our clients’ sales teams should be meeting with their clients, and not managing every aspect of their Salesforce/CRM lead pipelines. In short – who doesn’t want more qualified leads in their lap every day?

Our capabilities include supporting specific sales processes as well as operating end to end outbound campaigns and order processing.

  • Lead generation
  • Lead qualification
  • Campaign management
  • Marketing collateral
  • Sales outsourcing

Human Resources

Here at Enshored, we are aware of the complexities of managing HR operations. Compliance, speed and accuracy are key watchwords when working with people data. We know and support flawless HR process execution – something your current and future staff value highly.

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  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Talent management
  • Comp & benefits
  • Safety & compliance
  • Offboarding

Accounting & Finance

At Enshored, we know that it takes a specific type of person to take ownership of accounting and finance functions. They normally turn up at interviews with a calculator for a start. We’ve worked with our clients to help them manage many of the repetitive functions necessary to keep cash flowing and suppliers happy.

  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • Financial controls
  • Financial reporting
Case Study: Human Resources Process Management

Find out how Enshored helped an HR team deal with the problems of triple digit growth.

When you are growing rapidly in multiple locations, some things will be better centralized. See how Enshored helped a US health and fitness company handle the increasing complexity of their stellar growth.

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“The Enshored team has delivered on their commitments to improve our quality, extend our operating hours and reduce our cost. The implementation process was very professional and reduced risk and scaling the team when our business grew took minimal effort from our Managers. In addition to the pure transactional support, the Enshored team had actively engaged in our business and has brought a number of process and organizational improvement opportunities to the table. They have become a trusted partner and an extension of our team and we continue to identify opportunities to work together.”
Steve Goldenberg
CEO, Interfolio