A Customer Support Leader


 Hi, I’m Kim! I’ve been a member of Enshored’s outstanding customer support team for almost two years now. This is my first experience working as a Team Leader and I’m incredibly excited to be learning new things every day and sharing fresh ideas with my team!

How would you describe Enshored’s Customer Support?

At its core, Enshored’s customer support team focus on meeting our clients’ needs and providing them with an unparalleled level of service. In a field which is completely service-oriented, quality, customer satisfaction (CSAT), and dedication are integral to our success.

We make sure that we have a great relationship with our clients, catering to their needs via our omni-channel support processes. Whether it’s through voice calls, live-chat, emails, or other platforms, we work diligently to ensure our clients are always satisfied. Hard-work, excellent performance and high CSAT ratings are hallmarks of the quality service that we provide at Enshored.

Kim shares her customer support experience during the breakfast meeting with CEO Ian Jackson.

How do you make sure that the team is in the right direction?

As a Team Leader, I provide all the help and guidance that my team needs. Part of my role involves delegating tasks and encouraging collaboration among members of my team. Our success is due to the hard work of the entire team, so it’s important for me that team members actively support each other and help each other out whenever necessary.

It’s important to maintain a harmonious atmosphere in the team. I do everything I can to be a positive influence on my team, by actively sharing and reinforcing our company’s core values with each team member. We really enjoy each other’s company, even when working under pressure!

An Open-Minded Mentality Is Essential.

At Enshored we have four main values that are present in everything we do. We are curious, value-driven, open-minded, and transparent. For me, having an open-minded mentality is essential to ensuring my team’s success. First and foremost, being open-minded has given me a real sense of purpose. I can look at a situation from different angles, actively encourage my team members to share their ideas, and nurture their growth.

When we receive feedback, whether it’s good or bad, we take everything as a positive opportunity to improve ourselves. We give everything to be the best version of ourselves and it’s this purpose which drives me to keep myself and my team moving forward.  

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