A Leader’s Story: My Experience as a Team Leader


Hi, I’m Marky, Team Leader at Enshored! I look forward to seeing my team every day, and I’m always motivated to come to work with positive vibes!

Why do I think I was chosen for the team lead role?

I was chosen for the role of Team Leader because the company saw something in me that showed I was the right fit for the job. I have previous experience in handling teams of people, so I was really happy to accept the position. Even before I became a Team Leader, I always pushed myself to learn new things and enhance my skills.

One of the main reasons I accepted the promotion to Team Leader is because I love a challenge! It’s great to get outside of my comfort zone and prove what I’m capable of!

How do I keep my team moving?

First and foremost, Enshored for me means “home.” No matter what life throws at me, or how stressed I am, I can always rely on my co-leaders for support. I have a lot of respect for all of the leaders at Enshored.

I really enjoy each aspect of working with my team, from overseeing their performance, and watching them grow, to ensuring my agents are always on time! I believe leaders should lead by example, so I really value punctuality. I come to the office early and my team follows my example. I help my team with their attendance issues, and whenever I see a drop in their performance, I provide one-on-one coaching.

I’ve learned to treat my agents not as a number, but as people. In his book, The Way of the Shepherd, author Kevin Leman writes:

if you give your people half-hearted leadership, you’ll get a half-hearted following. But if you invest yourself in them, if you have a heart for them, your people will return your investment with a heartfelt following.

When I come to work, I’m not just here as a Team Leader, but also as a human. Empathy, compassion, and understanding are vitally important traits for a good Team Leader to have. Like a supporting actor, I pride myself on being able to get things done, even if the main actor isn’t around.

A good leader starts their sentences with “we” and “let us,” not “I” and “let me.” I believe that by following examples such as this, I can become a better leader for my team. I probably wouldn’t be the first person to say I love to talk, but as someone who genuinely enjoys public speaking, it’s great to have the opportunity to share ideas and collaborate with my team on a daily basis. I think this really sums me up as a person and keeps both my team and I moving.

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