Experience-Based and Versatile

We move and grow with our dynamic, ever-evolving clients. Team leaders at Enshored boast the communication skills and industry knowledge needed to find and implement solutions known to produce real results. These solutions range from sharing ideas through technology and defining appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for measuring success to structuring your team for a successful outsourcing experience.

To consistently provide valuable solutions, we built an experience-based operating framework that adapts to each client’s unique circumstances and goals. What else do we bring to the table? Years of experience delivering hundreds of new processes to numerous partners in various stages of growth and providing our partners with the confidence and systems they need to reach the next level.

We trust our agents. By guiding our employees through the proper training, including appropriate approaches and effective methods, we hold them accountable for whatever they do. Every employee at Enshored arrives in or is coached into the top 10% of the global outsourcing industry in their particular field of expertise. All this to say, you and your business are in capable hands.

But no man is an island, and neither are we. Your Enshored team will communicate with you daily or weekly to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. We go above and beyond to give you a competitive advantage so you can go above and beyond.

How Can We Help?

Team selection is critical to success.

When our clients are moving at the speed of light, they depend on us to optimize how they work so they can focus on what comes next. Which is why we continually challenge our employees to be more creative.

The people hired to work at Enshored and uphold our high standards are harder to find than your average outsourced employee. Our recruitment techniques identify personality attributes necessary for success at Enshored and for the success of our clients. While we all look different, each one of us is a curious and diligent student of our partners and the environments in which they operate.

How We Do It



We spend the time to understand your needs and how our team will fit into your overall plan for operation success.



We pilot complex processes to iron out the kinks. Our pilots generally are a period of 3 months after which the process shall be worked out, codified, documented and ready for a handover into our core operations team.



We apply the best practices we’ve learned from hundreds of previous process implementations. We take your high-level goals and create metrics to define success in the process and to gauge progress as well as areas for improvement.



We implement the best technology framework to fit your needs. We recruit for the specific skills you need as recruitment is our core competence at Enshored. This means that training for your team is about your unique business challenges and your in-house software, not on generic skills which the team will all be certified in.



We engage a team of in-house implementation experts alongside your team until stability is reached and performance hits agreed targets.



We operate based on your demands, set up processes and manage to agreed KPIs. You’ll hear from us daily at first, then weekly once the process is bedded in.



We are agile and able to adapt as your business needs change – as a partner not as a vendor. We’ll not put rules before logic.



Operations teams are supported by an all-star IT, Finance, HR, Legal and Recruitment team – critical in operating in the complex Philippines markets.

Our Values

We show Grit

We welcome new and unexpected opportunities as they arise. We are not upset that today isn’t working out how we’d planned it – it’s part of our life journey.

We know there will be challenges and setbacks, we work through them confidently.

We are Curious

We ask questions because we have an intense desire to know and understand each of our clients and colleagues and apply this knowledge to serve you better.

We are Value-driven

We are unrelenting in our drive to create more value for our clients, which we deliver by innovating and operating customized solutions that make you more competitive.

We are Open-minded

We maintain a flexible delivery model and consider all options when designing and building your outsource team.

We are Transparent

We are an extension of our client’s business and we act like it. Just as we get to know you through this process, you get to know us as we work side by side with you everyday.

What We Believe


All businesses are formed to meet an unfulfilled need. As they find success in this endeavor, their leaders find themselves spending less time growing their business or nurturing their culture and more time managing the “noise” and “fire-fighting” associated with running a business.


Building an operating platform that aligns with your business strategy accelerates growth, reduces cost, and increases quality. And the best way to accomplish this is to partner with operations experts the same way you partner with accountants, lawyers, and financial firms.


We partner with business leaders like you to remove the “noise” so you can focus on what inspired you in the first place: building and growing a successful company that meets the needs of your clientele.