Back Office Support – Video Transcript

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Data processing and back-office functions are critical to many of our clients. We would be willing to bet that we get more excited about outsourcing data entry functions than pretty much anyone we’ve ever met. At Enshored, we deliver a consistent and exceptional level of quality across a range of scenarios. We handle both simple and complex processes and know how to set up the right teams to succeed based on our clients’ unique requirements.

So I think in general all data are important for the companies. Its purpose is to have a continuous analysis and continuous discovery like they can easily identify what are the trends, spikes, and demands. Understanding customer behaviors are essential for the business’s success. I think the qualities that our clients get from us is the reflection of the way we do things.

Back office functions are obvious candidates for outsourcing as they are generally done away from clients and customers, and can be expensive to manage. They are also not the sorts of things that get the business’s founders out of bed in the morning.

We are very active in supporting a range of e-commerce clients. We are curious about the process: how it can be improved, refined, sped up and reimagined to deliver more impactful results. Our clients give us tough targets for quality, speed, and completeness of the data that is critical to their business.