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Our company environment here is very warm, friendly and fun! The talent produced here is fantastic. It’s a company that gives a career path, promotes based on ability and desire, so you’re not limited by education background and a chance to find and fulfill your destiny.

“The Philippines to me is the only country in the world for you to get this blend of bright people, college graduates, who want to tackle and are up for challenges that Enshored gets asked. We need to work at night, we need to work on weekend and people here are ready for that challenge.

The Philippines is the perfect choice for the client-based that we have. So many of our clients are start-ups or scale ups. And the difference of our clients versus the traditional outsourcing business is the phase of change and often the ambiguity that comes with the type of projects we  do for our clients and Filipinos are uniquely positioned to solve that so the mindset here is much more of problem solving, being empathetic, and not being too tight to the rule but really trying to work out with the edges of problems at time and try to come up with the best solutions when it is not black and white, I think that’s important.

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We are a talented and growing team of outsourcing professionals. Our team of of fun loving, heroes are open minded, transparent, value driven and curious.

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