TravelPerk is a next-generation business travel platform pioneering the future of business travel. The unified platform provides a variety of travel and expense management services, including automated spending limits and policies.


During 2019-20, TravelPerk was significantly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in downscaling its core business operations. When global travel restrictions eased, demand from business travelers surged, and TravelPerk sought a partner that could quickly scale to meet growing demand. The right partner would need to be technically proficient- traveling is a complex process – and demonstrate alignment with their values and distinctive culture. 

“We were coming out of the pandemic, and for almost a year it was very hard for us to plan,” explains Claudia Maras, Director of Vendor Development. “Then came the moment when everything switched on again, and lots of people suddenly started coming our way. It was an avalanche that we were not expecting, and we found ourselves understaffed.”


Enshored rapidly scaled up, recruitment was conducted at pace in the face of a heated market, where a year’s worth of pent-up demand was unleashed. Enshored recruited agents with travel industry experience, technical know-how, and a laser-like focus on customer service. A key component of the Enshored recruitment process involves assessing empathy skills, which are crucial when dealing with stressed and frustrated customers during check-in.

TravelPerk started with a small Enshored team of 15 customer support colleagues, within six months, it numbered 150 Heroes. After 18 months, the team had grown to 400 customer support agents. Enshored now provides full omnichannel CX support across live chat, email and phone, managing all the customer-facing interactions and 80% of TravelPerk’s chat interactions globally.



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TravelPerk’s “best-performing partner in the network”

“In the past six months we’ve grown rapidly and I’ve not had to think about the part of the business that Enshored handles because they have done everything we’ve asked of them.  It’s just peace of mind. Having a solid partnership that we can forget about because we know it works allows us to focus on other priorities.”

Claudia Maras, Director of Vendor Development