Content Moderation – Video Transcript

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Content Moderation is a critical success factor for anyone managing a social platform. The role of content moderation is twofold: firstly, content that is not suitable for the platform needs to be identified, flagged and removed, and secondly, content moderation can involve helping highlight the strongest new content to users of the platform.


There are a number of types of content that need to be monitored and often removed from our clients’ social platforms. Enshored monitor videos, pictures, user profiles, user posts and comments for suitability. Often Enshored are working closely with leading edge technology solutions that can help identify potentially harmful content. While the technology is good at helping manage obviously inappropriate content, much of our work is looking at more subtle content. Managing multiple queues of content, on a 24×7 basis, with different priorities and rules is a key skill of the Enshored content moderation team.

Managing volumes is critical to successful outsourcing of content moderation. Enshored are expert at scaling up our teams as fast as our clients require. We also are expert at ensuring that ever-evolving moderation guidelines are cascaded to our teams, and understood.