Customer Support – Video Transcript

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The best customer experiences start with Enshored. At Enshored, we manage customer interactions to the high standards demanded by our clients. Each client interaction is an opportunity for Enshored to help you build your brand, one customer at a time.

We have highly skilled people. People who know how to listen to our customer’s needs and focus on what our customers really want. We make sure we deliver world class service of how big or how small our clients are. And this results to our customers being loyal brand advocates.

I believe the reason is that we try to be as versatile as we can be for our clients. In this fast phased environment, it’s very important to be flexible so we can cater to the different needs of our clients.

Enshored has been so successful with customer support because of its passion in providing good service to customers. I also believe that Enshored also empowered its employees to be the better version on themselves.

Enshored are experienced in helping clients scale up their customer experience teams rapidly. They need a partner who can own the implementation, training and help them focus on other challenges that arise.

Enshored are adept at omni channel support. Some clients need Enshored to simply man the phones or emails, while others integrate live chat, in-app, social media and text. Regardless, Enshored are there to support our clients’ specific needs, delivering the customer delight that keeps them growing.