Customer Support pioneers Charie Fe Pautan and Yvette Romero continue to show grit at work despite power interruptions


Enshored hero, Charie Fe Pautan, has to move her workplace from home to her team captain’s home due to a power interruption due to power lines and posts ripped out due to the typhoon winds on November 11.

When Charie informed her team captain Yvette of her predicament, they quickly discussed and agreed the best way forward was for Charie to temporarily relocate to Yvette’s home til the power could be restored. Yvette called for a Grab ride for Charie and they quickly set up a new, short term workspace and home for Charie.

“Working is our responsibility,” Charie shared. What happened to me was not so severe compared to those houses submerged in flood. I could feel that the strong wind would remove our roof at any time, but it didn’t happen, thank God. So I wasn’t injured, and there’s no flood in the US, so I had no excuse not to work. It was just a power interruption”.


Charie shared on her Facebook “myday” the fallen electricity post beside her house that caused hundreds of homes without electricity.


Yvette added: “As her leader, Cha cannot be absent for a week, just because of power interruptions. That’s going to be hard for her to catch up and sustain her weekly stats. So, I opened my house to her so that both of us could work together,” Yvette shared. “Everyone knows that I’m trying to be as careful as possible by not allowing anyone to visit me during this pandemic since I also have a weak immune system. But for the sake of my teammate to continue working, I broke that rule”.

“Right after the typhoon had left the Philippines based on the forecast, we knew that there would be no electricity, so we started taking measures to ensure that there will be no interruption on our daily volume,” Yvette added. The team can also handle the production anyway by providing overtime hours and slide shifts to those who have stable electricity and internet connection.”

Yvette and Cha agreed on this quickly and without needing to escalate for approval. For Yvette, as a leader, it’s the right thing to do. Cha is important to the team and to results 

“I am so happy about that with Cha,” Yvette emphasized. “Compared to other employees, having no electricity for just a day made her panic. I am so delighted with her resourcefulness. She thinks and makes efforts on how she can work from home every time. It is not the first time she also asked if she can stay here just if there will be any problems at her house. She has planned already that my home will be her back-up since she’s just nearby.”


Charie shared on her Facebook “myday” a photo of her together with her Team Captain Yvette sharing one home.


Charie is very careful with her stats. She makes sure that it will not be affected by external factors at home. 

“I am also taking care of my stats,” Charie shared. “Usually, when I have internet issues, I’d go to my cousin for internet access. Small things like these make me feel more responsible not only as an employee but also as a person.”

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