Customer Support Team Creates Fund to Support Peers Affected by Typhoon Flooding


A customer support team at Enshored created a fundraising initiative to extend help to two members of their team who were significantly affected by Typhoon Ulysses November 11-13, 2020. In addition to the loss of power and damage to property from strong winds, the typhoon caused massive flooding in parts of Manila and Calabarzon.

The first member who needed help was Porthus Gabrido, a COVID19 survivor, whose house was submerged in flood—leaving most of his property and belongings unsalvageable. It was difficult for him to handle because he was trying to cope with his father’s death a week prior to the typhoon’s impact on Marikina City. 

“It’s depressing. But with the right mindset and positive outlook in life, I’m sure I can surpass it, even if it’s an event one after another”, Porthus shared with his team. 

The second hero to support was Jade Tamayo. After her shift at 2:00 A.M., she and her family didn’t sleep as they worried about what could happen next. As the flood had risen up so quickly, they decided to leave for the nearest evacuation center.

“When we went home on a Saturday night, it was devastating to see that our clothes, bed, furniture, and appliances were all flooded and covered by mud left by the major flooding swept across Marikina City. The typhoon ruined even our tricycle, which is the source of living of my father,” Jade shared.


Vehicles from Porthus’ neighborhood were moved to a higher road due to Riverbank’s passages being submerged in flood.


Upon hearing Porthus and Jade’s circumstances, the team decided to raise funds amongst themselves to help their colleagues. Our Client partners also contributed to the fund drive after hearing what Porthus and Jade have experienced. The Clients empathized and felt grateful for the team’s quick efforts to make sure its members were supported even from another part of the world.

“I’m also thankful that the team and TC Cindy extended her help and have given me clothes. On top of that, I am glad that Enshored is checking on us, which makes me feel valued. Amid the pandemic and the casualties caused by Typhoon Ulysses, we can rise again even after the most difficult situations by helping each other.”

Cindy has shared the two members’ situation and the proactive help the team has done to Enshored management. The CEO, Ian Jackson, and COO, Sang Hwang, and the rest of the leaders were so touched by their stories and made sure that Porthus and Jade would be supported immediately. 

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