Enshored Announces Expansion Plans to Match Rapid Growth of Outsourced Operations

The Raffles building will allow us to rapidly scale out some of our fastest growing clients

Enshored is excited to announce the opening of a second operations centre in Ortigas, Metro Manila, The Philippines. Enshored has signed a lease for over 8000 Sq Ft of space in the Raffles building on Garnet Road. The space will start coming online by the end of May 2018.

Enshored moved into its current operating center in the JMT building in the summer of 2016, where over 5000 Sq Ft has been built out. Through the second half of 2017 it was clear that additional capacity was required and a number of new and existing buildings were assessed for their suitability.

Enshored’s Reception


CEO Ian Jackson commented “We’ve been really pleased with how well we’ve utilized our existing space, and wanted to add further capacity in Ortigas, Manila, where we find we can attract great talent to work with us. It was critical for us to find space that would allow us to further leverage our existing management team, so having two offices within walking distance of each other is fantastic. The Raffles building will allow us to rapidly scale out some of our fastest growing clients.”

Operations Director Miguel Enriquez added “Of the buildings that we looked at, Raffles was clearly the best one for our current business expansion requirements. We are confident that we’ll be able to improve our service delivery, as well as create some more breathing room in JMT. We were concerned that we’d not be able to take on any additional large US clients, but now we’ve got plenty spare capacity for future growth.

Growth at Enshored is coming from both existing as well as new clients. Headcount at the fast-growing company has been increasing rapidly, with overall headcount set to grow from 200 to 500 in 2018, after trebling in 2017.

Enshored’s production design in Raffles

Long Beach, California-headquartered Enshored is a provider of outsourced business services to fast growing tech-enabled businesses. Enshored has expertise across four verticals – customer support, back-office data processing, content moderation and sales support. Clients include everything from Chinese based unicorns to New York start ups. Enshored is privately owned.

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