b'Gap in the market as we were working with allhelped them understand these different companies,that this is a skill they could Scott Jenkins allows himselfwe thought, were asking adevelop, we were able to stop a wry smile as he reflects onlot of the same questions andthat drain on their energy. his start-up journey. In thewe had to build a framework space of a few years, he andIf we can reduce his co-founder, Alexandrabecause those buildingfounder fatigue and blocks werent there. So all Cole-Broadway, have takenof a sudden we realized thatgive them that energy Stack from humble origins tothere is a whole bunch ofback to focus on secure an impressive rostercompanies that are buildingdriving the businessof fintech, insurtech andgreat things and theres a bigwell, thats a big thing cybersecurity clients. Andold gap.motivating us.looking back, hes quick to recognize the importanceThe gap was that mostFuture ambitions of positive client feedbackpeople dont know to help him appreciate whathow to get a detailed,And if mastering the art of theyve achieved.repeatable salesselling is the yardstick forThere have been lots offramework in place andall business success, then tough times to get here, heso we realized there wasJenkins ultimate goal is to admits. But two and a halfsomething here. Thatsmake this easier for everyone. years ago, we just had an ideaIve never said this out loud and a bunch of spreadsheets.how we started thebefore, he says, but I think Somehow, we figured outconsultancy, then wewe can make a real change in how to incorporate, howmoved into software. the way people are selling all to raise moneywe made aover the world.billion decisions and figuredReducingI think we can go in there out how to build somethingfounder fatigueand make companies more to integrate with CRM andefficient. They can sell more get partners like HubSpot toFrom these early days,stuff and hire more people. say, yes, thats really good.they went on to develop aWeve never come across a Its better than what wevelightweight platform thatcompany, big or small, that built. And now were here.integrates seamlessly intodoesnt have room to improve Thats unbelievable! AndHubSpot. They digitallytheir sales processes by 25 to its something we celebratebuild sales frameworks30 percent.because that could have goneand playbooks and help sideways in a million ways.companies shorten their sales This hard-earned satisfactioncycles in a scaleable and is one of the emotions thataffordable way. most entrepreneurs will relateJenkins describes the to. And more often than notfounding spirit driving the it begins with the eurekabusiness as a realization moment when they recognizethat they were able to a gap in the market.massively reduce anxiety and For Jenkins, it began severalstart-up stress.years earlier when working asWe were around so manyCompany name: Stack a consultant with early-stagestart-ups and scale-ups andBased: St Louis, Missouri companies to help driveits exhausting, he says.Provides: Software growth. Everyone kind of hasEvery day there are a millionthat helps businesses a CRM and theyd say ourthings to do. Its hard, itsoptimize sales cycles sales process is in our CRMrisky and you could feelMore info: stackglobal.io but it wasnt, it was in theirtheir anxiety. When we gotYear started: 2019heads, he recalls. Over time,a framework in place and 9'