b'I look back now and I really dont know how we got through that timeWhat was the drivingWhat are theWhat has been the force behind startingbiggest highs youvebiggest challenges HERO Recruitment?experienced in youryouve faced? business so far?This came about from myThe biggest challenge of own experience. When I firstThe biggest highs in businessmy career has to be trading came to Ireland, I was lookingcome from when you realizethrough the recession. It was for work. Id had a successfulthat you have achieved, what2007 and the market had career in New Zealand and you set out to achieve.come to a complete halt. Job was confident, came with aOne of the most excitingopportunities were scarce and proven track record and washighs for us was when wewe were fighting to keep the enthusiastic about what mywon the ERF Award forcreditors from knocking down future held.Agency of the Year.Thatthe doors. I look back now Recruitment companiesreally was such an excitingand I really dont know how in those days were verytime for us. We knew wewe got through, but we did. transactional and werentwere at the top of our gameThere were a lot of sleepless very interested in individuals.and that we were pioneeringnights, a lot of downsizing and They didnt really consult withleading edge recruitmentredundancies. We were forced anything other than a CV.practices and now weto pare back everything right The worst part of searchinghad validation.back to the core. for a job back then was howAnother great high-point forIt was definitely our toughest I was made to feel. It was theus was when our accountstime, and to add insult to humiliation of feeling that Ifirst went into the blackinjury at the same time we really wasnt worthy and theafter trading for so long inwere told by the Fire Officer frustration at not being ablethe red. At one stage therethat the building we had just to find a job opportunity thatwere many sleepless nightspurchased was no longer I knew I was well capable of.wondering if we would behabitable and that we had able to pay the wages. Weto move. In the middle of had a small team of five ata recession we had to find the time and our receptionist,new offices and deal with who also helped with debtall the costs that would be collecting told me Dontassociated with that upheaval.worry Roisin, I dont have toReally, the biggest challenge get paid this week. is maintaining the right mind-Its been amazing to see ourset and as they say in Ireland company grow from nothingkeeping the good side out.to the successful business itI knew if we could ride this is today.storm and trust in each other we would emerge much stronger, with a clearer vision of our futureand here we are. 13'