b'Get the right people and the best professional advice from the outsetLooking back, whatmuch faster and saved a lotimportant and if I had learned was the one thing youof money and heartachethat earlier on I may not have would have changed? along the way.burned bridges when I really didnt need to burn bridges. I would have embracedWhat advice wouldSomeone once told me to outsourcing from the start.treat your suppliers like they you give to neware your clients and that really Outsourcing is an important part of any business as itsfounders? was a great piece of advice.not possible to do everything really well in-house. Having1. Surround yourself What do you love expert partners that canwith the right people about running support you in the differentStarting a new business functions is essential.requires a tremendousyour business?At HERO we outsourceamount of energy, passion andI love that our business is all our IT, finance and legaldrive so its really importantabout people and how we departments. This has meantto surround yourself with thecan impact their careers. we can get on with whatright people whose vision ofWhat we do can change we are good at and improvethe future aligns with yours. peoples lives and we become our offering without the2. Dont take it personallypart of their journey. Its a big costly distraction of timeresponsibility and we dont consuming and inefficientThere will be things thattake it lightly, perhaps thats operations. We used to runhappen along your journeywhy many of our candidates, all our own payrolling, creditthat are going to challengein time, become our clients. controlling and invoicingand test you to your limits. within the business. ThanksTry to stay objective and not to our outsourcing partnerstake things to heart, Its never our stress levels are down,personal, its just business.we spent less time fire- I love how what 3. Treat your suppliersfighting and we had a clearerlike theyre your clients we do can change direction on how to grow the business. Something I wished Ipeoples lives for had learned earlier is the If I had learned this lessonimportance of relationshipsthe better.earlier in my business life,with suppliers. Building I could have progressedauthentic relationships is so 14'