b'Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change WAYNE DYERWinner Recruitment Agency of the Year & Best in Engineering, Science and Pharmacy 2021How do you thinkWhat is your visionbe absolutely certain your industry willfor the future ofof. As Wayne Dyer said, change in the future? your business? Change the way you look at things and the things A.I. will play a huge part inThis is actually a very excitingyou look at change. our profession going forward.time for us having beenAt HERO, were up for Obviously it can neverworking in this business forthe challenge, in fact we replace the human interactionas long as we have, we arerelish an opportunity to because people will alwayslooking to bring in a strategicreinvent ourselves. Were prefer to talk to someoneconsultant who will havekeeping an open mind rather than a machine.an outside perspective ofand were excited about At HERO we embracea profession that we knowwhat the future will bring. technology and its importantreally well.Exhilarating times indeed.to us that our people haveWe are looking to appoint a the right tools to free upnew CEO who will reinvent their time to do what theyHERO and disrupt the way do best, client developmentrecruitment is done. We willCompany name: HERO and sourcing candidates.all work together as a team toRecruitmentAI Technology will play amap out an exciting vision ofHeadquarters: Irelandhuge role in the direction ourthe future of the company. Provides: Recruitmentindustry is headed over theWe will actively promote the coming years and we intendSTEM sectors, marketing and to embrace the tools andcontracting in Ireland and technology that are out there.Europe and we are branching The pandemic taught us sointo the U.S. within these much about valuing our timesectors. We have already and Zoom has made it easierdone some great work on this to work remotely. Candidatesside of the world, so now it is no longer need to take timethe time to investigate new off work to interview or travelmarkets abroad. long distances in the earlyOver the years weve learned stages of the recruitmentnot to be afraid of change, process when a video callbut to embrace it. Change is will suffice. the only thing that you can 15'