b'While stories of business founders often focus on inspired individuals, Enshoreds Ian Jackson reminds us that many companies are born from a meeting of minds and complimentary skillsets Jeff BauerChance encounters lead to innovationThe history of start-upsof the most scenic roads onPhilippines from managing owes a lot to serendipitousthe California coast. teams out there, and we meetings. Without chanceOne of my hobbies isknew we wanted disruptive encounters, the spark tocycling and I regularly ridetech companies as clients. So ignite many of the besta 50km route with a groupwe came up with the name businesses would neverof people on the PacificEnshored and set the business happen. Think of whenCoast Highway, explains Ianup at the beginning of 2014. Frederick Henry Royce metJackson. It was late 2013Because wed both worked Charles Stewart Rolls atand I was looking for a newin music, our first logo was a hotel in Manchester, forchallenge. At the end of theinspired by the stamp youd example. From that meetingride, we stop for a drink andget on your hand when you Rolls Royce, one of theone of the riders said hewent into a nightclub.worlds most exclusive carmust introduce me to a friendFrom this first meeting of brands, was created. Orof his who was also veryminds, they went on to secure perhaps when Larry Pageinterested in outsourcing. an office in Manilla and begin met Sergey Brinn at StanfordThat friend turned out to bethe hard work of winning University and began aJeff Bauer, who would end upclients, recruiting staff and research project to createas Enshoreds co-founder.a search engine that wouldgrowing the business. We lived half a mile apartAnd then disaster struck. later become Google.from each other on Long Many companies are rooted inBeach and we went for aIn 2016 Jeff took a client call the ideas of founding partnersbeer and talked about settingin the morning and told his and in the case of Enshored,up a company together, Ianfamily he didnt feel well. an outsourcing companyexplains. Jeff really wantedShortly afterwards he had helping disruptive start-ups,to go and build somethinga brain aneurism and was its genesis owes everything toand we had a lot in common.rushed to hospital. He died at a morning bike ride along oneWe both had a love of thethe age of 39. 23'