b'Escaping the procurement bottleneckJagmeet LambaCEO, Certa Jagmeet Lambas focus on helping businesses operate faster, easier and safer has made his company a valuable partner for many major companies. Here he explains why the best ideas help leaders simplify a complex world.Under the calm exterior ofbig problem? When I delvedprocurement progress did Jagmeet Lamba lies a maninto it, I realized that thenot materialize overnight. on a mission to simplify B2Bcompliance involved in multi- It took quite a while. We procurement. In this worldstakeholder due diligencewere funded by revenue so of knotty complexity andand supplier vetting can slow overbearing bureaucracy,things down to the point ofwe really struggled initially, Lamba saw an opportunity tototal paralysis. he explains. A real low provide a powerful but simpleProcurement is an ecosystemmoment for me was when I solution. His company, Certa,unto itself. Over 60 percenthad to tout my tickets for a streamlines procurement soof companies have over 1,000Mexico-U.S soccer match at that enterprises can onboardsuppliers and partners, so itsone point to pay my rent.even the scrappiest startupsriven with complexity. safely and quickly. At first, it was too lofty The idea came from talkingFrom this lightbulb moment,a goal to think I could to friends at the start of myhe created Certa, a no-code workflow platform thatcreate a big company. I entrepreneurial journey,brings people, processes,decided just to try and explains Lamba. We would be talking about businessand data sources togethercreate a great product. ideas, and they wouldto integrate into enterpriseOnce we achieved always say, I like the idea,ecosystems seamlessly.that, I wondered if I but Ill never get it throughBut his vision of applying procurement. It will takegreased lightning onto thecould turn it into a forever. I was like, whats theslowly grinding wheels ofsustainable business.2'