How do you do your customer care?

So how do you do YOUR customer care?

Enshored are actively involved with managing a large number of customer service campaigns for companies in different industries. What is interesting is the range of support methods and windows our clients have developed, and how these continue to evolve. Here are some insights into the different ways our clients view their customer care:

Tools of the trade

Phone only

Some clients have customers in demographics where it is still all about the phone. Often this can be B2B and in particular there seems to be some connection to dealing with really busy business owners, who prefer and expect the immediacy and responsiveness of a call with a well trained and prepared customer service expert.

Email only

When businesses operate on very tight margins, omni-channel and phone support can be too costly to consider. Even outsourced and offshored, they can be up to 25% more expensive. So some businesses build great self-help tools and bots and depend on fast email based support.


While it’s the buzzword bingo word of the decade, not all companies support omni-channel strategies. These require smart ticket routing across phone, email, livechats and any social media channels supported. We see some clients offer multi channel support, but then run dedicated teams for each channels to drive quality and productivity.


Coverage hours

Support must be 24×7

If you have global clients, if they are high ticket clients, or if they are buying a 24×7 service from you, you will likely try and support them around the clock. When you deviate from this, you generally see a paring back of coverage.

We only need to support local business hours

Even in this day and age, some businesses only attract local business, and support is delivered accordingly.

We support business hours across the US

When you look at the potential shopping support window in the US, it can start as early as 5am EST and end around 10pm Hawaii time. That is a 23 hour window. Most businesses dont see enough volume to justify all of that, but the multiple time zones in the US make for a complex support problem when you want to be fair to everyone regardless of their time zone.

You tell us what we should do

Some clients are maybe not quite as sophisticated or optimized when they first engage us, but they should be soon after. We’ve supported a number of businesses when they initially build out their support and work hard with them through those first weeks and months to help get the formula right.



There clearly is no universal right answer in terms of either hours or channels. It’s not just about retail v B2B or even what industry the clients are in. It has taught us not to presume anything, other than there will be quieter days and busier days and the clients all judge our performance by how well we handle the quality across all channels and volumes.

It’s lucky that at Enshored we are very curious and enjoy the variety of challenges we meet daily.


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