How Important Is Data Analysis for Your Business?


I’m Andri, Team Captain at Enshored. As someone who works closely with Back-Office Support, I’ve found that data analysis is a critical process. Whilst all data is important, continuous data analysis enables us to more easily identify trends, spikes, and periods of increased/decreased demand. The understanding of consumer behavior is integral to the success of any business.

How Does Data Analysis and Back-Office Support Work? Here Are the Main Points:

  1. Identify the project requirements by analyzing operations, determining project scope, and documenting results;
  2. Develop problem solutions by describing requirements in a work-flow chart and diagram; studying system capabilities; analyzing alternative solutions; preparing system specifications;
  3. Develop project estimates by identifying phases and elements, personnel requirements, and costs;
  4. Verify results by completing tests;
  5. Maintain the systems by researching and resolving problems; maintaining system integrity and security;
  6. Maintain quality service by establishing and enforcing organization standards;
  7. Prepare reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information;
  8. Contribute to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed;
  9. Review business process and company policies to help enhance workflow and develop a stronger company;
  10. Deliver a monthly report to management on industry trends and how to maximize those trends by altering company procedures; and
  11. Train and continuously manage teams

Enshored Team Captain

The back office is comprised of the following departments: Human Resources (HR), Accounting, Information Technology (IT), Compliance, and Operations. Departments which fall under the back office categorization are primarily focused on providing support or processing important data for the organization.

An organization needs a concise and organized database to guarantee the accuracy of data, inventory, and other pertinent information relating to the overall operations of the organization. A correctly maintained database will help operations be successful in the long term, and prepare them for any obstacles that they may encounter.

Enshored helps clients gain insight into their data by performing a range of data management tasks such as research, information gathering, bookkeeping, record maintenance, and regulatory compliance upkeep.

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