5 Proven Ways to Rapidly Scale Your SaaS Business

Growth vs. Scale

There’s a difference between growth and scale. In fact, there’s a multitude of differences. From the definitive standpoint, growth is the simple increase in revenues of a business. Scaling is the ability for a growing business to improve profitability at a faster rate than revenue growth. It’s an active process, and it’s an important one. Why? Because when it comes to the way that business is run, every company needs to grow before it can think about scaling.

Savvy business leaders are attempting to grow AND scale. The reality of doing so presents some interesting challenges. As with anything that is expanded and hopefully improved, growth requires some discomfort. Growth brings new obstacles and more complexity. It’s important to see the obstacles not as roadblocks, but as key milestones on the way to where you want your company to end up.

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