Sales & Marketing – Video Transcript

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Sales and marketing is one of Enshored’s significant processes. We determine whether a customer has a high possibility of becoming one through lead qualification.

Qualifying leads is one of the most critical processes that we have for our account because our lead qualifiers need to be very keen with details and make sure that they are qualifying or asking the right questions to get the right answer.

What we usually we do, first and foremost, we check to see if we are talking to the right people, once we verify if that’s correct, we ask them the questions that we need to verify like say for example, “what type of insurance they’d like to get?”. Once we get what exactly they need from us, we’ll start asking them the qualifying questions. After we verify them, we connect them over to an appropriate agent for their state and if they do not qualify for the account then we will transfer them to our partner who can assist them and help them purchase their insurance.

The client has specific guidelines on how they want the leads to be qualified. Our role as a lead qualifier is definitely critical to make sure we adhere to those qualifying questions.

I am always making sure and I am actually explaining to them the importance of following the script. This will benefit not only them but the company as a whole.

And apart from that, we make sure we sure that we add values for our clients by making sure we connect with the customer and properly explain the benefit of the product to them.

When you’re talking to old people then you have to be a lot more patient. If you’re talking to a businessman you have to be on point and specific because their time is money. If for example housewives and husbands who have no clues on what’s going on or first-time purchasers we have to be able to explain clearly to them what exactly it is that we do and how we can help them out and how this is going to be good for them.

We are more people-oriented, so we are making our workplace as positive as possible we are taking care of them while they are here.

We invest in our people. When they succeed we succeed also. We really need to make sure that they are all well supported and to ensure they are headed in the right direction and they are successful.