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We are looking for people who are curious. They are problem-solvers who have an empathetic mindset. They are the ones who believe that there is always room for improvement, and are self-reflective. These people have a great chance to be successful here at Enshored.

Ian Jackson

Founder & CEO

Ian has extensive experience running financial technology and outsourcing firms. Prior to working in outsourcing, he spent 20 years working in financial technology – an industry that has been completely globalized and transformed by outsourcing.

Leadership roles have encompassed teams in multiple countries and across disciplines. Ian has a keen interest and focus on corporate strategy, finance, marketing and operational excellence. Since the death of co-founder and business partner Jeff Bauer, Ian has taken on the CEO role.

Ian’s constant thirst for learning, meaning and knowledge have led to him being a contributor to Inc and Bobsguide. He is convinced that the clarity of purpose created through the outsourcing process is critically important for the profitability and longevity of every firm and industry with an operating component.

A keen cyclist, Ian now owns many of the Strava segments in and around Manila.

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Jeff Bauer

Jeff Bauer – in memoriam


Jeff was co-founder of Enshored and a huge driver of its early success prior to his tragic early death in October 2016. Jeff is survived by his parents and brother, and leaves behind a lasting legacy, having touched the hearts and minds of everyone he met.

Enshored continue to serve his memory and to deliver on his goals for the company.

Jeff Bauer Facebook Memorial Page

Miguel Enriquez

Country Manager

Maureen Toner

Client Services Manager

Ryan Pakingan

Operations Director

Joseph Kaye

Business Development Manager

Reegan Vargas

Operations Manager
Enshored OM

Hera Tierro

Operations Manager
Enshored Ops Manager

Carlo Basilio

Operations Manager

Mel Guerzon

Operations Manager

Julzen Balderrama

Operations Manager

Andrimel Velasco

Team Captain

Arra Alpino

Team Captain
Enshored Team Captain

Roberto Sernande

Team Captain

Peter Isidro

Team Captain

Aubrey Pagador

Team Captain

Cindy Zaremalekabadi

Team Captain

Shirley Mendoza

Team Captain

Kristie Tomimbang

Team Captain

Yvette Romero

Team Captain

Mary Jane Duran

Team Captain
Team Captain Enshored

Jonico Bulan

Team Captain

Kimberly Cruz

Team Leader

Macoe Faustino

Team Leader

Atilla Palconit

Team Leader
Team Leader Enshored

Bernadette Romero

Team Leader

Golda Daquioag

Team Leader

Marc Buccat

Team Leader

Darwin Lopez

Team Leader

Marky Maramot

Team Leader

Mervine Lee

Team Leader

Ivan Rebellion

Team Leader

Raymund Lunaria

Team Leader

Raymart San Miguel

Team Leader

Miguel Garcia

Quality Assurance Lead

Alvin Martinez

Quality Assurance Analyst

Katrina Alano

Quality Assurance Lead

Lavinia Arances

Head of Media Relations

Von Obo

IT Manager

Pauline David

HR Manager

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