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Enshored 5 heroes above and beyond

Written by on August 29th


Five Enshored heroes who went above and beyond

Our people are central to what we do. We empower them to believe in their own abilities – and we are rewarded with a workforce that regularly goes above and beyond to deliver for our clients.

When you take time over your recruitment process, you are rewarded with candidates who are much more likely to be working with you a year after joining the company.

These team members embody our values – grit, curiosity, learning, grace, honesty and sincerity, and integrity – in delivering excellence for our clients and we believe that it is only right that these contributions are recognized and rewarded.

6 Shirelynne Crisologo

Shirelynne has worked for Enshored since 2020 and is currently a Team Leader on the GoBolt program. Shirelynne was in her second week of training when her program was paused due to COVID-19. Shirelynne and her colleagues received their entire salary throughout.

Shirelynne says she was surprised when her name was announced as the winner of the Core Values Champion Learning Award in 2022, but her hunger for learning made her an obvious choice.

“With grit, everything is possible,” she says.

When she was promoted, Shirelynne found that there was only so much time her superiors could take to answer her questions, so she took matters into her own hands. Applying the knowledge she found in books and online, Shirelynne delivered her first face-to-face training for new team members.

Shirelynne is proud to work for a company that cares and recognizes its employees.

“Our CEO, Ian Jackson is the first CEO I’ve met who socializes with his employees,” she says. “He is very down to earth and makes sure that every employee is being treated well and fairly.”

Mau Miraflor Maureen Margarette Miraflor

Maureen Miraflor

Mau has worked for Enshored for five years and is currently Senior Process Lead on the TravelPerk program. She won the Jeff Bauer award in 2021 as a result of a vote by her fellow employees – but she says she is still not sure why they voted for her to this day.

“I was stunned when my name was announced,” remembers Mau. “I would like to believe that the standards I have set and the sense of duty I demonstrated have profoundly resonated with each of them.”

Mau says the personal validation the award represented was “a big deal for me, and it meant so much”. The team she was in at the time was smaller than most and she says that the award acknowledged the efforts of her entire team and especially their cohesion in delivery.

“Since joining, Enshored has made such a positive impact on my life, personally and professionally,” adds Mau. “I have grown so much and am forever grateful for it.”

Miguel Enriquez

Miguel Enriquez

Miguel has worked at Enshored since 2017 and he is now Chief Administrative Officer for Enshored Shared Services Management in Manila.

He won Enshored’s Doing The Right Thing Award 2021 for his work working closely with suppliers to improve efficiency.  

“When I arrived, the company was in growth mode and it was really important to be very efficient, and very practical and, most importantly, acting with integrity, consistency and transparency, particularly when dealing with partners and suppliers.”

Miguel remains very proud of his award but he says he’s also proud to work for a company that values and recognizes the contributions of its employees.

He says that it is trust that makes the difference for employees at Enshored:

“We’re empowered to do our best because we know that we’re trusted and that means that you can achieve a lot. And even if you do your best, sometimes there will be failures, but that’s normal. And at Enshored, I think the fact that someone is trusting you often generates a positive outcome.”

enshored zoom photo Hamuel Tamayo

Hamuel Tamayo 

Hamuel is now in his third year at Enshored, initially working as a Quality Analyst before getting a promotion to a Senior Quality Analyst role last year.

Having noted a drop in his team’s performance during the quieter hours of overnight shifts last year, Hamuel completed a week-long audit of calls during the relevant timeframe.

Sensing “a great opportunity” for his team, Hamuel worked with his team leader to introduce activities in the latter half of the shift that energized and engaged individual employees, and raised morale and solidified relationships within the team.

Hamuel’s work won him Enshored’s 2022 Core Values Champion Curiosity Award.

“This award meant that I was greatly appreciated by Enshored and especially my team, and I will always be thankful for that,” remembers Hamuel.

And the best thing about working at Enshored?

“I would say that the best thing about working for Enshored is their capability to put faith in anyone and everyone willing enough to go above and beyond their means and ambitions.”

Aubrey Pagador

Aubrey Pagador

Aubrey is an Operations Manager who has worked at Enshored since early 2017. Although Aubrey says she is deeply honored to have received the Core Values Champion Grace Award, she insists that it belongs to her entire team.

“The management team, leaders, support group, and moderators/heroes show great concern not only for the program but also for the well-being of everyone,” says Aubrey. “This award was made possible because of the compassionate hearts of our people – and I am grateful and honored.”

And what is the best thing about working for Enshored?

“I like everything about Enshored,” replies Aubrey. “The people strive for a balance of excellence and a people-first culture. Given that, we welcome feedback and create solutions to be better. I also like the synergy among departments – ideas are overflowing!”

Our fifth year on the Inc. 5000 list

The skills, dedication and tenacity of our wonderful Enshored employees have helped Enshored win a place on the prestigious Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies for an astonishing fifth year in succession.

In fact, we have actually risen to number 1514 on the list since last year, which is simply unprecedented – and a glowing testament to the quality of our people.

Read more about this year’s Inc. 5000 list here.


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