Case Studies

Creative Solutions to Outsourcing Needs

Enshored specializes in outsourcing to many of the fastest growing companies in the world. Our tailored outsourcing services and experience building handpicked teams mean we can meet your customer support, content moderation, back office support, sales and marketing and other needs. Our teams truly become an extension of your business. Here are a couple of examples of how Enshored has assisted our partners.

Exceptional Technical Knowledge Coupled with Empathy Skills Creates Stellar Wins for Complex Travel Platform… Even Amid a Pandemic.

NexTravel is a business travel company focused on helping over 700 global businesses book, expense, monitor, and report their end-to-end corporate travel, with over 332,000 trips completed. From flights and hotels to AirBnB stays and rental cars, this travel startup centralizes customer reservations, cancellations, and travel management on a single platform and mobile app.

They struggled to find customer support agents who understood the complicated Sabre GDS (Global Distribution System) tool as well as NexTravel’s booking platform, and who could speak sympathetically to stressed-out travelers. They also needed a flexible support partner who was agile enough to handle their changing workload, especially when the pandemic hit.

SaaS Startup Cuts Response Time from 1 Week to 12 Hours

Paddle, the sixth fastest growing tech company in the UK, is a one-stop shop subscription and commerce platform for SaaS companies. More than 600 software businesses in 150 countries use Paddle’s checkout and licensing solution to scale internationally without managing sales tax and compliance internally.


Paddle maintains a close relationship with Enshored, communicating every day with their extended team. Because Enshored has proven its professionalism, quality service and attention to detail and accuracy, Paddle continues to scale its extended team beyond buyer support into more specialized areas. The company’s risk analysis team has recently taken on two analysts from Enshored, and Paddle executives are exploring other possibilities to extend the team.

Massive 3-Day Launch in US Market Triggers Huge Support Demands for Robotic Vacuum Company

“Absurd Email Response Time” Down to 15 Minutes or Less, Customer Satisfaction Holds Steady at 93%.

Helping Music Fans Get Their Beloved Band Merch . . . ASAP

Merchbar is an online marketplace that houses the world’s largest collection of official music apparel and merchandise, highlighting 35,000+ artists. Products run the gamut from T-shirts and hats to vinyl records and headphones. The e-commerce startup works behind the scenes, partnering with companies like Live Nation and Universal Music Group to dropship products to customers.

Outsourced Concierge Services Cut Costs by 42%

Subscription box company Rocksbox had grown its well-established brand from a home-based business and needed to expand its team. Rocksbox was committed to delivering handpicked fashion accessories for its customers every month—a model their customers loved. This “Netflix for jewelry” brand was ready to scale.


After struggling to find the right outsourcing fit, Rocksbox finally partnered with Enshored. “Enshored impressed us by really taking the time to understand our business and what our needs are,” Rocksbox Director of Member Experience Debbie Shen says. “That goes a long way in forming that relationship and setting us up for success.”

HR Processes Transitioned to Manage Rapid Growth

Enshored’s HR Processes and Employee Data Management services provide our clients with quality-driven resources that aid in the timely processing of employee on-boarding, managing employee data changes, maintaining HR compliance, and reporting of key metrics.

Servicing Current B2C Efforts Freeing Time To Launch B2B

Enshored is managing the end-to-end B2C workflow for the client, enabling them to focus their limited resources on launching their new B2B product to academic institutions