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Novaalab scales rapidly with Enshored’s flexible customer service

Novaalab is leading the red light therapy revolution and is swiftly rising as a household name in health innovation. Their cutting-edge products, designed for ease and efficacy, transform how people treat pain, joint discomfort, and promote tissue repair.

By replacing cumbersome equipment with sleek, user-friendly devices with intuitive interfaces, Novaalab is democratizing the market—making advanced health solutions accessible to everyone.

The company was founded by Pascal Le Maréchal, a biohacker dedicated to making biohacking technologies accessible for home healing. Novaalab’s rapid growth, driven by their dedication to user-friendly and efficient products, has attracted over 50,000 satisfied customers and a significant increase in new customer acquisition.


Initially targeting a broad market, Novaalab observed increased interest among the older age group, specifically those aged 60 and above.

These customers preferred traditional communication methods, such as voice support.

As Novaalab’s product demand grew, they faced three main challenges:

Delivering a voice-driven CX to a voice-dependent demographic

Novaalab recognized that they needed to expand their communication channels, with a strong focus on voice support to prioritize personal connection and understanding in customer interactions.

Customer acquisition and retention

Acquiring and retaining customers is expensive. It quickly became clear in the buying journey that customer support was the final part of the trust-building block. The smoother and more impactful the experience, the quicker the sales closed and the sooner referrals came in.

Acquiring customers is expensive and difficult. Good customer service reassures them before they commit…and as an added benefit, they also recommend us to friends and family.

Responding to customer queries in real-time

Novaalab was increasingly aware that support needed to be provided around the clock. Dealing with responses became challenging without the internal capacity to handle the load. They needed a customer support solution that could effectively scale with their needs. They were unclear about the expected ticket volume and were unsure whether they could afford to hire a dedicated full team.

The best thing for me was to find a partner to whom I could delegate and then not have to worry about it.


Enshored understand start-ups’ growth challenges. Committing to a fully dedicated outsourced team is not always possible, or wise right away. We recommended that Novaalab use our Enshored Grow service, which provides start-ups with fractional teams.

This low-commitment solution, allowed them to ramp up or down without the worry of substantial financial investment. This was crucial for Novaalab as they needed to balance innovation and product development while maintaining excellent customer service.


Novaalab’s partnership with Enshored has played a crucial role in their growth, enhancing customer service by increasing ticket handling capacity, speeding up response times, optimizing post-sale efficiency, and providing the flexibility to transition to a dedicated team.

  • First response time down from 7.5 hours to 18 minutes.
  • 95% reduction in response time.
  • Customer satisfaction rating of 4.8.
  • More than 260% increase in ticket handling.

As Novaalab continues to innovate and expand its product range, Enshored remains a vital partner in their growth journey.

I believe we have one of the best customer service teams amongst our competitors.

Pascal, Novaalab

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