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Ecovacs ramps up with Enshored, nails product launch

The No. 1 robotic vacuum company in China, Ecovacs Robotics, was planning its U.S. launch on Amazon Prime Day. Ecovacs expected to sell tens of thousands of robots in just a few days, an unprecedented volume for its two-person customer support team.


Ecovacs faced an intense time crunch to add team members who: understood the product, could troubleshoot problems, and communicate well with American customers.


We became AI-Powered, Robotic Vacuum Experts in 10 Days.

In the rapid ramp-up period, the five-member team from Enshored studied the product documentation, the app and explored every possible customer scenario.

Within a week and a half, Enshored hired, trained, and began managing omnichannel support for Ecovacs’U.S. customers. Support numbers increased by 30x.

When agents noticed app reviews for the Ecovacs app were low, they initiated a program asking happy app users to leave a review. To date, satisfied customers are boosting app reviews from 2.1 stars to 3.6 stars.


Enshored helped Ecovacs rise to the occasion:

  • 200K+ customer interactions
  • 15 minute max response time for 90% of emails during business hours
  • 30x increase in daily volume of emails and calls
  • 24/7 support team operating hours
  • 93% customer satisfaction
  • 35% reduction in product returns
  • 70% increase in app star rating from 2.1 to 3.6 stars
  • 1,000s of positive reviews – “Super Patient,” “Knowledgeable,” “Excellent”

Enshored made it easy. They’re smart and flexible. They’re a partner, not just a service. And they grow with you. They said, ‘Great, we love getting in on the ground floor with a company that’s growing. We’ll get you, high-quality people.’ That’s what they did, and that was perfect.

Brian Scully, Ecovacs Robotics Head of Customer Experience in the Americas

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