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FAQs: Outsourcing for startups

Written by on February 25th


Deciding whether outsourcing is right for your business can be challenging. 

Below we go through some of our most frequently asked questions to help you decide. 

What business areas can I outsource? 

At Enshored we help you power up many areas of your business such as:

Digital Customer Experience

We maintain a powerful connection between your customer and you by powering Voice, Email, Live Chat, SMS, Omni Channel, and In-App Support.

Content Moderation 

We protect your users and your brand from the worst online behaviors through Video Moderation, Image Moderation, User Comment Moderation, Meme Moderation, Live Steaming Monitoring, User Profile Review, In-App Support, and Moderation: Post Creation & Response, and In-App Support and Moderation: DM Response

Sales and Marketing

Our highly motivated team uses the best-in-class databases, networks, and tools to connect you with a global customer base. We help you with Lead Generation, Email Marketing Campaigns, Sales Appointment Setting, Market Research, CRM Data Management, and SEO/SEM Management 

Back office Support 

We improve, refine, accelerate, and reimagine how to deliver consistently better results from your operations. We power your brand through Accounting & Bookkeeping, Data Processing, Media Support, E-commerce, Technology Services, Analytics and Reporting, Consulting, Professional Employer Services.

What are the benefits of outsourcing?

By outsourcing your services you are able to improve focus on core business activities, which in consequence will lead to increased productivity and efficiency. 

In addition, it helps control costs, as outsourcing helps with cost-saving which in effect helps you release capital for investment for other business areas. 

It also helps with increasing reach and greater competitive advantage.

Is outsourcing cost effective?

Outsourcing is a great way to reduce costs, as it helps companies to optimize the customer buying experience and provide fast, responsive, and effective support to gain a competitive advantage in any market.

It reduces costs on recruitment, training, and providing benefits to employees.

How do I manage outsourced CX?

To manage outsourced CX, make sure the outsourcing provider understands your business and goals, prepare brand guidelines and have a good project management software, and make sure all parties use it. In addition, sync up regularly and keep in touch through messages and video calls.

How do I pick a CX partner?

To pick the most suitable partner for your brand, it is important to consider the following criteria: Reputation, Knowledge, values, Scalability, and Geography.

How do I outsource CX?

To maximize your CX outsourcing we recommend having a defined Customer Experience strategy, Customer journey mapping, customer Support standards, onboarding processes, technology integrations, scripting, training, measuring performance and time investment.

Who are Enshored?

Enshored is the leading outsourcer for start-ups. We’re here for the innovators, for the scalers. We’re here for the creators, for the makers, for the horizon scanners who saw it and then went out there and built it.

Bring us your disruptive start-up, and we will bring you the people, the framework, the mindset, and track record to power your growth.


Scale your team. Scale your business. Ambitious businesses hire us when they need custom-built teams of elite outsourcers that other BPO firms can’t deliver.

Scale your team.
Scale your business.

Serious about scaling?

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