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Meet The Team: Lisbon 

As you’ll know, we’ve recently opened a new office in Lisbon. From this location, we are offering voice, chat, and email services, with some very exciting plans to expand in the future!  

We thought it was about time we introduced our wonderful Lisbon team! Ana & Marlene are the first two hires in the Lisbon office and are currently working to recruit our new European team!

Meet Ana

Country Manager 

Ana is a local of Lisbon, Portugal, she is graduated in Economics and has a masters degree in Science in Sustainability. Ana’s career began with a strategy and operations consulting firm in Portugal. She has crossed over industries and countries over the last 20 years and this has allowed her to be in touch with her structured, focused, critical thinking, and persistent nature. Over time, Ana discovered her passion for team work and collaborative management, business transformation, and transformative management, which she used to make a name for herself for transformation projects with multi-disciplinary and virtual teams internationally. Recently Ana has led strategic and transformation projects for a multinational company, which impacts more than 35 countries. 

Outside of work, Ana loves spending time with her dog Suri and exploring the city. When the weather is warm enough, she takes the chance to go to the beach or for a nice hike. Ana’s passion is learning about the world and its different cultures.

Meet Marlene

Operations Director 

Marlene has a degree in Communication and Marketing. She specialises in Strategic and Political Marketing through her masters degree, which she very quickly applied across the Middle East and Europe. During the time she spent abroad, she developed an interest in cultural and multilingual diversity, focusing on different cultures, religions, and traditions. 

Marlene has 15 years of experience in the BPO industry, focusing on global, predominantly European operations in travel management and digital areas, she has developed a work mindset based on the trust and satisfaction of the customers and her stakeholders. 

Marlene sees all her programs as constant challenges and her main goal is to guarantee an excellent service, assuring a unique Customer Experience.

Marlene likes the outdoors, away from the professional world and does some gardening in her spare time. She also loves to cook, diving and a trip to the cinema. 

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