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The Power of Language in Customer Experience: Multilingual Support Benefits

Written by on November 30th


The digital revolution has not only dissolved geographical boundaries but also transformed the landscape of customer engagement. Today, engaging with customers in their native language is no longer a luxury but a necessity for businesses worldwide.

Multilingual customer support has become a pivotal aspect of customer experience (CX) strategies, adapting to the diverse linguistic needs of a global clientele.

A recent study by Zendesk highlights a critical trend: 70% of global consumers consider it essential for brands to offer customer experiences in their native language. This shift is driven by the demand for more personalized, culturally attuned interactions, marking a new era in customer service where language plays a central role.

Enhancing Customer Loyalty Through Language

Consumers often show a strong preference for brands that communicate in their native languages, highlighting the importance of linguistic inclusivity in developing robust customer relationships.

When businesses engage with customers in their preferred languages, they establish deeper connections. This not only improves the overall customer experience but also helps in forging lasting bonds. This loyalty translates into increased customer lifetime value as these customers are more likely to make repeat purchases, recommend the brand, and provide positive reviews. It helps in retaining existing clients but also in attracting new ones, contributing to the overall success and profitability of the business​​.

A recent Intercom study revealed that 70% of end users are more loyal to companies offering support in their native language. Surveying 170 non-native English-speaking SaaS customers and 135 support leads, the study also found that 29% of businesses lost customers due to not providing multilingual support. These results highlight the significant impact of native language support on enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The Bottom Line: Expanding Reach and Revenue

The benefits of multilingual support also extend beyond customer satisfaction, directly affecting a company’s financial performance. This approach opens up new markets and expands the potential customer base. 

In a landscape where less than half of all brands offer multilingual support, adopting this strategy provides a significant competitive edge. It’s a proactive move that transcends meeting basic customer expectations, focusing instead on using linguistic diversity as a tool to enhance customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth in a competitive business environment.

Furthermore, it helps businesses establish a solid global presence, targeting lucrative markets and building an international customer base.

The landscape of multilingual customer support is rapidly evolving, making it an opportune moment for businesses to collaborate with BPO companies.

This evolution is largely driven by advancements in AI and machine learning, which are revolutionizing customer support with real-time translation and improved communication. BPOs, renowned for their proficiency in integrating and managing such technologies, are in a prime position to utilize these advancements, thereby offering their clients more effective and accessible multilingual support solutions.

One significant trend is the growing demand for support in less commonly spoken languages. As businesses increasingly venture into new global markets, they encounter a broad spectrum of linguistic needs. Enshored, excels in this area with extensive networks and the ability to recruit and train in various languages, providing the essential tools to address this increasing linguistic diversity.

This capability allows companies to seamlessly penetrate new markets without the burden of developing internal multilingual resources.

Partnering with the Right BPO for Multilingual Support

Partnering with a specialized BPO like Enshored for multilingual support can significantly enhance customer experience. Enshored offers support in a wide array of languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and many others, with both native and bilingual speakers for voice and non-voice services. This broad linguistic capability allows businesses to break down barriers between them and their customers, reach a larger audience, and engage in meaningful conversations that drive deep consumer engagement.

Many companies struggle to provide consistent service quality in various languages. Enshored tackles this issue by employing a team that is not only linguistically proficient but also culturally knowledgeable. This approach ensures that their communication is not only effective but also culturally sensitive, respecting the nuances of different cultures.

Integrating multilingual support into existing customer service frameworks can be complex. Enshored streamlines this process through expert experience in integrating multilingual capabilities into diverse business models, ensuring a seamless transition and consistent customer experience.

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