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Tribe is here!

Tribe is here!

October 27th

We’re delighted to share with you the very first edition of Tribe.


Tribe is a our new magazine that celebrates the women and men who take the brave step to back themselves and start a business. 

We have dedicated this first issue to female founders. Enshored is inspired daily by the creativity and determination of the founders we work with, who have put everything on the line to turn their ideas into thriving businesses.


The last 18 months have undoubtedly been tough for everyone, but it’s been particularly challenging for women. The pandemic has highlighted existing inequalities between women and men in almost all areas of life. Four times as many women as men have dropped out of the workforce in the US, and one in four women who reported becoming unemployed during the pandemic said it was because of a lack of child care – twice the rate among men.


At the most worrying end of the spectrum, the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is having a devastating impact on the freedoms and empowerment of women. While we are helpless to support at a macro level, we were determined to help who we could. This is why Enshored has backed 20 female Afghan Athletes to escape the country for a new life in Ireland. Read about it on page 2.


Here’s to the women who inspire us.


Happy reading!



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