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When should you outsource your customer experience?

Written by on April 5th

Digital CX

If you’re a growing business struggling to provide round-the-clock customer care, perhaps it’s time to look for a customer experience outsourcing partner.

Tech-driven start-ups can scale up rapidly. But rapid growth brings its challenges, and a common one is maintaining a solid customer experience. Scaling sales without scaling CX eventually leads to erosion of brand trust.

Customer experience outsourcing is a proven way to protect your brand while allowing rapid scale. With the global outsourced customer experience market predicted to rise to $81.5billion by 2023, it’s becoming a crucial part of businesses’ growth trajectory.

A 2020 survey by analytics specialists SAS identified that one-third of customers leave a brand after one bad experience, while 90 percent would go after between two and five bad experiences. Those stats alone make it worthwhile to invest in customer experience, helping you protect and grow your market share.

Check these questions out to test if the time is right for you.

1. Staff are trying to support customers and do their day job.

If you have a shortage of customer service staff, you may be asking other team members to cover. Not only does this threaten your relationship with customers, but it also distracts those staff from their core activity within your company.  This multitasking puts the brakes on your growth drive and slows the business down.

If your staff are overworked and struggling to keep up with demand, then it’s time to consider outsourcing.

2. You are on a merry-go-round of onboarding and attrition with your CX hires.

Customers expect to access support 24/7/365 on multiple channels. Finding staff who want to do this tough job is challenging. Training new customer support staff typically takes three months. A junior will move on after about 15 months, meaning you have to recruit, onboard, and train their replacement the following year.  

If your management team is spending more than 10 hours a month on recruitment and training of CX staff then it’s time to consider outsourcing.

3. Competitors are catching up.

Could you gain an increased market share by improving customer experience 24/7/365?  As competitors close the gap in technology and product delivery, CX can make all of the difference. Customer experience is becoming a critical differentiator for brands.

If sales and tech are performing and your CX is not optimized then it’s time to consider outsourcing. 

Business intelligence providers Incite Group found that 50 percent of businesses report that their most critical customer experience issue is providing a seamless customer experience across multiple channels.

4. Has your existing CX team got the specialist skills and empathy you need for world-class customer service?

Good customer service teams require particular skills, irrelevant of the service or product that they are supporting.  They need to know your product/ service well, have the authority to take the necessary decisions to resolve issues, and have the skills to listen, empathize and analyze precisely what the problem is.  

If you recognize that your team needs support to triage issues and deal with them appropriately then it’s time to consider outsourcing. When you work with an outsourcing partner, you bring the highest levels of expertise right into your business. 

5. Can you afford not to?

Winning a new customer can cost five times as much as retaining an existing one. An outstanding customer experience is critical to building customer loyalty. By working with experts in the field, who love what they do, you can grow your business – and strengthen your reputation – more quickly. 

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