Leading outsourcing partner and consultancy for high-growth and SME clients

Enshored is a leading outsourcing partner and consultancy for high-growth and SME clients. We optimize business operations to increase profitability and enable faster growth by leveraging consulting and outsourcing capabilities previously reserved for the world's largest corporations.


Our core services include Operations data processing and customer support as well as back office support for the Human Resource, Finance & Accounting and Sales & Marketing functions.


We are driven by an intense desire to know and understand each of our unique clients. We use that knowledge to identify solutions that achieve their goals in a way that makes sense for their business. Typical partnerships result in an increase in our clients’ service availability, quality and response times coupled with a 60-80% decrease in staff cost.

  • From hiring to training to production, the Enshored team has executed the plan at every step of the process. They excel at aligning their team's goals with your business goals and measuring the progress continually. We view the Enshored team as a valuable extension of our company.

    Chad Sandstedt CEO, TagniFi
  • The Enshored team has delivered on their commitments to improve our quality, extend our operating hours and reduce our cost. The implementation process was very professional and reduced risk and scaling the team when our business grew took minimal effort from our Managers. In addition to the pure transactional support, the Enshored team had actively engaged in our business and has brought a number of process and organizational improvement opportunities to the table. They have become a trusted partner and an extension of our team and we continue to identify opportunities to work together.

    Steve Goldenberg CEO, Interfolio
  • Our unique portfolio approach means our clients can have a much deeper relationship with us than a transactional outsourcing firm. We are set up to align our success with that of our clients, ensuring we behave like a core part of your business.

    Jeff Bauer Managing partner


People Solutions

By leveraging global labor markets Enshored designs, implements and executes cost effective people based solutions that extend your operations and allow your team to maintain its culture while focusing on what's important-- adding value to your clients.

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Process Solutions

Enshored works with its clients to make their operations more profitable. We do this through getting a complete understanding of the business needs that your operations are set up to support and then optimizing them.

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Technology Solutions

Enshored’s technology solutions reduce manual work by bringing you the latest developments in lightweight tools and process enablers that were previously only available to the largest corporations.

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How We Do It
Delivery Platform
Value Through Information

Our 5C Approach

  • Enshored leverages our 5C approach to identify innovation opportunities in our clients’ business operation
  • These opportunities, which target a mix of competitive advantage, quality and cost, are then exploited using a mix of process re-engineering, technology application and labor arbitrage.
  • We apply Enshored analytics against a mix of standard and client specific KPIs to ensure we are impacting our clients’ desired business outcomes
As with any change, risks are inherent and need to be managed. Enshored follows a robust process to identify and minimize these risks in order to ensure a successful new solution implementation

About us

What we value
We live by 4 simple values which guide our approach, actions and relationships and clearly articulate WHO WE ARE:  
  • We are Curious: we ask questions because we have an intense desire to know and understand each of our unique clients and colleagues and apply this knowledge to serve you better
  • We are Value-driven: we are unrelenting in our search for transformative value, which we deliver through creating and operating customized solutions that make our clients more competitive
  • We are Open-minded: we maintain a flexible delivery model and consider all options when designing and executing client solutions
  • We are Transparent: we are an extension of our clients business and we act like it
What we believe

All companies are formed to satisfy an unfilled need. As companies find success in that endeavor, their leaders find themselves in a dilemma, spending less time growing their business and nurturing their culture and more time managing the "noise" associated with building an operating platform and putting out fires.

Enshored partners with business leaders to remove the "noise" so they can focus on what inspired them in the first place - satisfying the unfilled need.

We believe that building an operating platform that aligns with your business strategy accelerates growth, reduces cost and increases quality. We also believe the best way to accomplish this is for business leaders to partner with experts in operations the same way they partner with firms for tax, legal and financial advice.

Meet the team

Jeff Bauer Managing Partner

  • Experience managing and consulting to global logistics, retail and technology businesses
  • Experience managing business operations in large corporations and small business
  • Designed, resourced and managed shared service centers in Philippines, China, Ireland, Germany and the US
  • Experience leading global teams across 25 countries
  • MBA International Operations

Ian Jackson Managing Partner

  • Experience managing financial technology, tech start-up and outsourcing businesses
  • Experienced leading international businesses in both high growth and profit maximization scenarios
  • Deep consultative business development experience
  • Managed 600 person BPO in Philippines
  • Built and led high performance teams in UK, US, Hong Kong, Australia, Hungary and Japan
  • MBA, Fellow of the Securities Institute
  • Regular columnist for Inc. Magazine and Bobsguide

David Sudolsky Client Services Manager

  • Implemented, designed, and scaled company’s outsourced operations in the following industries: Education Technology, Financial Technology, REIT/Property Management, HR and Benefits Services, Online and Physical Retail, and Logistics
  • Successfully drove an international project implementing process and quality improvements within the operations of a 5 billion dollar logistics company
  • Have work experience throughout Asia and now based in Manila, Philippines
  • Degree in Business from the University of Southern California

Philip Maisel Managing Partner, ANZ

  • Experience leading teams across the globe
  • Deep business process improvement experience
  • Experience with Shared Services across Hong Kong, USA, Australia, Philippines
  • Experience working with companies of all sizes, from personally owned to public multinationals
  • Broad industry experience including Retail, Financial Services, Wholesale/Distribution, Service based
  • Bachelor of Business Science with IT Honours major


The most rewarding careers for Enshored's heroes

Enshored is the leading outsourcing partner and consultancy  for high-growth and SME clients.  We partner with fast growing, young and intelligent companies who are looking for a competitive edge. We look for people who are excited to work for a company operating with the opportunities and challenges that our clients give us. We promise our clients we will meet their needs, improve their operating performance and offer the highest level of communication and reporting.

We challenge our staff to come to work filled with curiosity, ready to learn and excited help and engage with their peers, managers and clients. Their dedication and quality have led us to classify them all as heroes. We reward our heroes with great perks like Yoga classes, Spa days and more. We offer competitive benefits including HMO and regularization for everyone who becomes a hero.

If you don't see what you are looking for there, you can email us at either Careers.Manila@Enshored.com or Careers.LongBeach@Enshored.com with your resume and a cover letter included and we'll get back to you if we think you're the right fit.


If you'd like to speak with a representative of Enshored to learn more about our capabilities and discuss your situation in detail please use the form below and we will respond promptly.

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