Enshored is a leading outsourcing partner and consultancy for high-growth and SME clients. Enshored supports profitable growth for Internet, Financial Technology, Healthcare, Education and Logistics companies. 

Enshored increases profitability and enables faster growth by optimizing business operations.  We do this by leveraging consulting and outsourcing capabilities previously reserved for the world's largest corporations.

"Our unique portfolio approach means our clients can have a much deeper relationship with us than a transactional outsourcing firm. We are set up to align our success with that of our clients, ensuring we behave like a core part of your business." - Jeff Bauer, Managing Partner, Enshored


"The Enshored team has delivered on their commitments to improve our quality, extend our operating hours and reduce our cost.  The implementation process was very professional and reduced risk and scaling the team when our business grew took minimal effort from our Managers.  In addition to the pure transactional support, the Enshored team had actively engaged in our business and has brought a number of process and organizational improvement opportunities to the table.  They have become a trusted partner and an extension of our team and we continue to identify opportunities to work together." - Steve Goldenberg, CEO & Founder, Interfolio


We are driven by an intense desire to know and understand each of our unique clients.  We use that knowledge to identify solutions that achieve their goals in a way that makes sense for their business.  Typical partnerships result in an increase in our clients’ service availability, quality and response times coupled with a 60-80% decrease in staff cost.