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5 mistakes I made while still managing to grow the business!

Written by on August 31st


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Unfortunately, there is no ‘Ctrl+Z’ shortcut in real life. Enshored CEO Ian Jackson believes that making mistakes is absolutely fine – but only if you learn from them.

Everyone can make mistakes – but owning them and, more importantly, learning from them is vital for growing businesses.

Ian Jackson cheerfully admits that he has made some huge mistakes while growing Enshored. But, says Ian, the vital lessons he’s learned along the way make it all worthwhile.

1. Micromanaging

I micromanaged my team, stifling their confidence and autonomy. I learned to trust, train, and empower my team, boosting confidence and creativity.

We’re all a lot happier now!

2. Networking

I often shied away from networking, letting my insecurities keep me distant and out of touch with key business contacts.

Realizing the genuine value of human connections, I consciously made an effort to engage. With time and persistence, not only did I strengthen my professional ties, but I discovered an unexpected joy in forging these relationships.

3. Sleep is for wimps!

I used to see sleep as a hindrance, burning the candle at both ends, convinced it was the only way to succeed. I neglected self-care, viewing it as indulgent – while glorifying the hustle.

I realized the toll it was taking on me, and my relationship with my family. I reshaped my habits. As I gave my health its due, I found renewed energy, clarity, and a richer appreciation for my work.

4. Going it alone

After the sudden loss of my business partner, I found myself isolating, trying to handle everything solo, pushing away help and guidance.

Confronting my grief and burnout, I recognized the strength in collaboration. By welcoming assistance and seeking mentorship, I fostered growth and found renewed purpose.

5. Not promoting myself or Enshored

Believing our quality and level of service spoke for themselves, I did not promote the company or myself in the early days of Enshored. Ultimately, this was a mistake as some might see this as lacking belief in the company – and that was certainly not the case, then or now. 

I do not make this same mistake today. 

And that’s why I’m so delighted to announce that, despite my many mistakes, Enshored has won a place on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing privately-held companies in the US for the fifth year in a row.

Fifth year in a row on the Inc. 5000 list

Enshored ranked at 1514 on the list this year, which is actually 635 places higher than we ranked last year. This is not something that happens very often – and it makes me even prouder of what we have achieved at Enshored. 

Despite a lot of mistakes along the way, it’s good to know we’re definitely doing something right!

Learn more about Ian Jackson here.


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