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Revolutionizing Food Delivery: A Guide to Outsourcing for Food Ordering Apps

Revolutionizing Food Delivery: A Guide to Outsourcing for Food Ordering Apps

December 5th

In an era where convenience reigns supreme, food delivery services have emerged as a cornerstone of daily life. The pandemic has catalyzed a significant shift towards home delivery of everything from restaurant meals to groceries and meal kits, with the demand for these services continuing to grow, reshaping the food industry landscape in 2023 and beyond.


Amidst this unstoppable rise, with online food delivery platforms projected to reach a market volume of $1.65 trillion by 2027, the need for strategic partnerships has never been more important. Enshored, with its deep expertise in supporting ambitious companies, emerges as a pivotal ally in this landscape. Offering tailored outsourcing solutions, Enshored is well-equipped to address the unique challenges and opportunities in the food delivery sector, leveraging technological advancements and consumer insights to revolutionize food ordering apps.


The meal kit delivery business, for instance, is witnessing significant growth, changing the dynamics of home cooking, while the global food tech market, valued at over $260 billion, underscores the escalating role of technology in the food sector.


Why Outsource?

Faced with evolving consumer expectations and rapid technological changes, outsourcing has become a compelling strategy. Outsourcing not only meets customer demands for speedy and reliable services but also enables businesses to effectively navigate the rapidly changing digital landscape.


Today’s consumers expect the convenience of ordering from restaurants via third-party platforms, featuring user-friendly options like real-time order tracking and estimated delivery times. Technological innovations have further simplified the integration of restaurants’ Point of Sale (POS) and management systems with these delivery services, enhancing overall operational efficiency.


The COVID-19 pandemic further highlighted the need for reliable third-party delivery services as essential tools for ensuring business continuity and upholding safety protocols. This combination of consumer demand, technological advancement, and adaptive responses to global health challenges forms a strong case for outsourcing in the food delivery realm.


However, managing everything in-house can lead to challenges such as high operational costs, inefficiencies, and the need for an advanced technology infrastructure. Here, outsourcing emerges as a solution, offering cost efficiency, scalability, and enhanced customer experience.


Advantages of Outsourcing for Food Ordering Apps

  • Enhanced Customer Service: Outsourcing delivery services meet the high consumer demand for at-home food delivery, improving the overall customer experience​​.
  • Cost Reduction: Outsourcing alleviates the financial burden of maintaining a delivery fleet, including vehicle maintenance, fuel costs, and driver insurance​​.
  • Access to New Customers: Third-party delivery services serve as a form of advertising, making restaurants visible to new customers in their area​​.
  • Increase in Profits: Collaborating with a third-party service can enhance a restaurant’s sales by an average of 30%, offsetting the initial costs of these services​​.
  • Labor Optimization: These services remove the need to hire delivery drivers and help transmit orders digitally, freeing up staff for other tasks​​.
  • Brand Awareness: Utilizing a third-party delivery service can bolster a restaurant’s brand recognition and build consumer trust​​.


Outsourcing extends its benefits far beyond enhancing customer experience. With services such as Account Building, OFO Request Check, Data Entry, Driver Support, and Kitchen CCTV Checks, outsourcing offers a multifaceted advantage. It streamlines restaurant account management and ensures efficient order fulfillment, thereby optimizing the entire delivery chain.


Detailed data management improves menu accuracy and relevancy, directly impacting customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Driver support enhances delivery logistics, reducing delays and ensuring smoother operations, and Kitchen CCTV checks promote quality control and operational transparency, ensuring high standards are consistently met. These services collectively contribute to a more robust, efficient, and reliable food delivery ecosystem.


Effective technology integration and cost management are also key to successful outsourcing. Incorporating advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning, and data analytics can significantly enhance the efficiency of food delivery services by helping to predict market trends, and make data-driven decisions.




The food delivery market is rapidly evolving, driven by technological advancements and changing consumer behaviors. Outsourcing delivery services to specialized providers not only addresses the operational challenges but also unlocks new opportunities for growth and innovation. As the market continues to expand, leveraging outsourcing can be a strategic step for food ordering apps aiming for sustainability and success in the dynamic food delivery sector.


Enshored’s expertise in digital customer experience, sales and marketing, and back-office support ensures that food delivery services can not only meet but exceed customer expectations in this competitive landscape. Our data-driven approach helps to optimize operations, improve customer engagement, and enhance overall efficiency.

By partnering with Enshored, food delivery apps can leverage cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices to stay ahead in the market​​.


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