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November 16, 2021

The ability to drive the best interactions for customers is a challenge in the e-commerce space. Consumers are more impatient than ever, and this reality has been made more intense by the number of contact channels used to contact an e-tailer.

This explains why so many e-commerce providers are opting to work with an outsourcing partner for their customer management needs. E-tailers can improve consumer loyalty, and lower their capital costs, by working with a third-party outsourcer that is experienced in driving the best CX outcomes using the best people, processes and technologies.

But, upon deciding to work with an outsourcing provider, the issue becomes: Which is the right CX model to use?

The reality of contemporary consumer management is no longer the large, generic call centers of yesteryear. Rather, today e-commerce operators have the chance to leverage several approaches to satisfy their end-users ever-changing support requirements.

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