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Marky Maramot wins Enshored’s LGBT Q&A Edition 2020

Marky Maramot, a Quality Analyst, from the Training and Quality department of Enshored won the first-ever Enshored’s LGBT Q & A edition last  July 18, 2020, at 6 PM via Zoom. He will also be the official LGBT Ambassador for the year 2020.

“Are straight allies important to the LGBTQIA+ society?” was the question asked by Judge Lily Magtoto of HSBC for Marky to answer. 

“Right now, we really need an ally from the straight community. I’ve been part of the LGBT community for a long time. I am part of a christian community that acknowledges LGBT. . . So, I think having straight people as our allies is really important and it feels so great to be understood by them. They are not looking at us like a curse, as enemies but as allies. So, we encourage everyone, especially our friends who are straight to understand us as LGBT, not because they are our friends, but as human beings. To be part of this kind of event is one of the platforms to voice out and to bring everyone together to listen to us. We are also doing this to other LGBT people who cannot voice out their thoughts. If we’ll have straight allies, we will surely receive help to voice out the rights of the LGBT community’. 

Marky’s winning answer moved the judges and the audience. 

“Thank you po. I didn’t expect this and I am so happy because this is the only time that I am so proud of myself and, no words cannot really explain my feelings right now. Thank you so much, I just enjoyed the event! I am actually happy with the token of appreciation for the participants but thank you so much for this! Thank you for believing in me, and for the support from my Training and Quality team, from the Operations team, and to everyone here”

Marky shared right after the announcement of the winner. 

The event had four judges: Lily Magtoto (HSBC’s Pride and LGBT group head), Macoe Faustino (Team Captain, and and LGBT Advisor at Enshored), Karen Figueroa (Enshored’s Client Services Director and an LGBT Advocate) and Lavinia Arances (Head of Media Relations and Marketing and the project head of the LGBT campaign).

Porthus Gabrido, the host for that night, also announced the other winners and special prizes: 

1st Runner Up: Jed Medina 

2nd Runner Up: Jonas Alamada

3rd Runner Up: Lem Balagat

Most Creative: Lem Balagat

Organizer’s Choice: Jonas Alamada

Early Bird: Jed Medina

Marky is an active participant in Enshored’s company activities. He’s part of the Face of Enshored team with a recruitment video and job campaigns that were launched in October 2018. He’s also a good and skilled leader who started as an agent, promoted as a shift leader, and now has developed his talents as a quality analyst. 

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