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Work from home “hero of the day” – Team Captain Robbie Sernande takes in 7 people to work from his apartment

CEO Ian Jackson had recognized one of Enshored’s passionate employees, Robert Sernande, for taking in 7 people to work from his apartment and opening it up for people from other shifts in his team.

“I want to recognize, well not for the first time here at Enshored, our longest serving employee, Robbie, still has the energy and the passion to do the right thing and has I believe seven of the team working on the night shift work from his home so providing internet and giving people somewhere they can set up and work together and be a team still,” Ian shared via a video message. “This is amazing, this is what we need and this is all part of adapting to the future state of Enshored.”

Robert had started sharing photos and stories on Facebook about how happy his team was and how they’re making each day exciting together.

“We are just the right SME. Plus QA Marky Generoso Maramot on the 2nd floor. Thank you, Lord, still and we are not sick. Thanks, Enshored Philippines! Have a good shift! Let’s all take care. Rise up Philippines,” Robbie shared on one of his Facebook posts.

“I want to thank you all for what you’ve done this week. I can see that there has been a superhuman effort by so many people and I’ve heard so many stories from all the managers about the efforts many of you have done to help us to transition in such a short period of time from an office-based existence to 100% work from home”

Ian Jackson

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