pauline hero
April 29, 2020

CEO Ian Jackson had mentioned HR Manager, Pauline David Antonio, for taking in 12 employees home who couldn’t find a ride due to transportation suspension and implementation of checkpoints in Manila.

“I love the story that Pau that in spite of being pregnant and tired and probably one of the people who wanna get home earliest decided on the last day to get many of our people to get in her private car and get home with their new Enshored PCs”, Ian happily shared via a video message. 

“When we received some notification that even employees nearby can’t find a ride, we considered using the vans to bring our employees home but they were stopped by the checkpoint officers so I decided to use my car. That morning I requested managers to give us the exact headcount of people to take home so the HR team can help. That was a critical time to make sure we were communicating with their heroes properly,” Pauline shared. 

Ian added also “there were also stories that I have heard regarding individuals who’ve gone beyond and taken personal ownership and personal leadership of some of the challenges that we as a company are facing. I love those stories”.