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Work from home “hero of the day”- new hire Shirelynne Crisologo shows leadership

Shirelynne Crisologo was happily recognized recently by CEO Ian Jackson and the whole management via email sent to all employees for her leadership. She’s a newly hired employee yet showed early compassion and concern to her new team. 

“While the team may be brand new to each other and Enshored, this didn’t stop Shirelynne Crisologo from offering 3 of her new heroes a place to stay with her, within walking distance from the office, as they were concerned about their long potential commute challenges. This is leadership! Thank you Shirelynne! I love that you can make such an impact so soon after joining us”

Ian Jackson shared.

Since the enhanced community quarantine has been imposed over Luzon starting March 17, 2020, it became harder for some employees to commute to work due to the mass transportation suspension. Shirelynne had volunteered to deliver the PC to her teammates in Rizal area via her motorbike together with one colleague, Patrick Avellano. 

“Despite all the issues yesterday about the enhance lockdown she was still able to report for work from Rizal yesterday. However, two of her teammates were unable to cross over to Pasig due to the police checkpoints”, Operations Manager Nathan Hipolito shared. “She has volunteered to deliver the PCs to her teammates in order for them to join their class last March 18, 2020.”. 

Recruitment at Enshored goes on as and will need urgent agents to join the company to cope with anticipated surges with volume for content moderation and travel accounts. It’s a positive development for the company. 

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