hero of day
March 20, 2020

On March 13, 2020, PST Enshored’s CEO, Ian Jackson mentioned and commended via email sent to all employees the whole IT department’s energy, decision making, commitment, and skills that are really becoming obvious to all the members of the management team as they have solved related challenges about transitioning Enshored to work from home scenario.

“They are making things happen that need to happen and finding solutions where others would have given up. Our IT team is being prepped for long hours, all kinds of new challenges, and we will all remember their efforts long after”

Ian Jackson

Ian also named one member from IT who worked extraordinarily. “Jan Maverick Jesalva is doing a phenomenal job in getting people’s equipment set up to work from home, with steady professionalism and patience”, Ian added. 

“I’m happy to support each team”, Jan commented. “In cases like this, IT’s role is very critical. For me, doing my part is the best thing that I can do. It’s important to think about the health and safety of the employees.”

The IT team has been actively supporting Enshored in 24/7 schedule since it started operating in Ortigas in 2014. They are even more gritty assisting each team in this work from home setup. 

Ian has started sending regular updates via email and loom video to help calm any fears, answer concerns that have been raised, and talk about how Enshored are going to work with all heroes and client partners through this viral pandemic, COVID-19, like nothing anyone has witnessed before. Aside from working and making sure that everyone’s safety is being prioritized, Ian mentioned that current clients are very supportive.