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5 ways to empower employees

5 ways to empower employees

September 18th

Empowering employees the Enshored way

Enshored, our people’s development and growth are as important a part of our business plan as winning new verticals and driving up profit.

We believe that when our people thrive, our clients are able to thrive too. And when we all thrive, the world becomes a much better place.

Enshored would be nowhere without our employees. We cannot do what we do without them. Simply put, they are our heroes. 

We truly believe in the potential of our people and we support them to achieve their goals. Our people are not numbers on a spreadsheet – they are individuals who we help develop into the best versions of themselves.

We see our role as providing the environment, tools, and support to help our people – and our clients – thrive.

1. Build confidence with recognition and incentives

We have honored more than 100 Enshored Heroes with the Jeff Bauer award over the past two years. These awards, named after Enshored’s co-founder Jeff Bauer who died in 2016, recognize the contributions of employees who go above and beyond in delivering excellence. 

Similarly, our Core Values awards recognize employees who have embodied our values – grit, curiosity, learning, grace, honesty and sincerity, and integrity – in delivering great service to our clients. 

We believe it is our job to ensure that everyone we deal with feels valued and supported, every day of the week – and not just when we’re handing out awards.

2. Get the basics right

Enshored’s employees get access to health insurance after one month of employment. They also receive redundancy benefits and life insurance – and some very fine company and team SWAG. 

Enshored offers employees financial support for major life events such as births, marriage and bereavements, as well as access to emergency loans from the company. 

Employees also have access to a wellness program for mental and physical health support, and at least 2.5 hours of company-led training each week.

3. Reward well

At Enshored, we pay above local median salary for all roles. In the Philippines for example, our entry-level jobs pay 10x above poverty level – but we aim to support people to move up the pay scales as quickly as possible to get up to 20x above the poverty level. 

We have a performance-related bonus scheme in place and a calendar of monthly activities, quarterly group team-building events and an annual holiday party.  

We are also currently working on a benefits package designed to put us in the top decile of our peers.

4. Recruit the right people

We only hire people who demonstrate high levels of trust, teachability and leadership, as we believe these qualities are non-negotiable essentials for a successful, long-term career at Enshored. 

We ask candidates behavioral questions for insight into their values and personality. We assess how candidates dealt with difficult situations to understand the judgments they made and how they might do things differently. We are looking for people who are open to learning new things and able to accept change. We also look for people with leadership skills – those who can bring clarity of thought and communication, who are a good judge of people and who are highly committed.

5. Outline the way forward for new starts

Starting at a new company can be daunting even for experienced employees – and especially so for those entering or re-entering the labor market.

At Enshored, we aim to make the process of getting focused and work ready as smooth as possible for new employees. 

Everyone who begins working for Enshored has a comprehensive training needs assessment at the start of their employment, which allows us to develop a Learning and Development plan for every employee.  

This is backed up, where necessary, with critical thinking skills, leadership and soft-skills training, as well as 1:1 career coaching.

The power of 5

See more on how we empower our Heroes at Enshored. 

The skills, dedication and tenacity of our wonderful Enshored employees have helped Enshored win a place on the prestigious Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies for an astonishing fifth year in succession. 

Even better, we are ranked at number 1514 on the list this year – rising 635 places from last year, which is simply unprecedented. Read more about this year’s Inc. 5000 list here.

Our ranking at number 1514 means that we have risen an incredible 635 places higher than last year. 

Serious about scaling?

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