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A Leader’s Story: Darwin’s journey from Agent to Team Leader

Working at Enshored

I joined Enshored last year as a member of a pioneer account for a popular short video app. If I were to describe the experience in three words, fresh, crazy, and fun immediately spring to mind. Our team worked at an extremely fast pace, keeping up with the dynamic nature of our client’s business; we had to contend with ever-changing guideline updates and increasingly busy queues, whilst ensuring that the quality of our work was always of the highest possible standard.

Keeping our clients satisfied is tough, but under the excellent direction of our leaders, and thanks to the dedication of our team, our small squad expanded rapidly and the 2nd batch of content moderators was soon hired. Not long after, another batch was commissioned, and another, and another! New doors were opened, and our family grew even larger! Naturally, with growth comes the opportunity for career advancement; thus, new Team Captains and Team Leaders were promoted to manage our burgeoning numbers and ensure outstanding results across the board. Eventually, I was lucky enough to be invited to lead my own team for a new account.

What comes to mind when you hear Enshored?

For me, Enshored is synonymous with ‘opportunity’. I treat every day as an opportunity to learn something new.  It could be something related to my job, the system flow of each department, or the discovery of a hidden talent or skill of one of my team members that we didn’t previously know about. Sometimes these hidden talents or skills can have a big impact on making our lives a little bit easier.

My supervisors saw something in me which even I had missed. Being new to the industry, I was hesitant to accept the role of Team Captain at first; however, thanks to the support and encouragement of my supervisors, including some very encouraging words from our CEO, I decided to face the challenge head-on, grasp the opportunity with both hands, and begin my journey as a leader. It’s my objective to grow as a leader and be able to produce new leaders in the future.

Key Challenges and Learnings

One of the most important things for all leaders to understand is the job itself; after all, you can’t teach what you don’t know, right? Understanding the nature of the business, your team’s objectives, and what is expected of each team member is essential for leaders of any level.

As a leader, I feel that it’s my duty to help my team members unlock their potential. Every single member of my team is provided with the necessary training, guidance, and leadership materials to ensure that they can always find a practical application for everything that they’ve learned.

Undoubtedly, a lot of changes have taken place since our team was first created, but the excellent quality of work, open-mindedness, and the grit and determination which characterize Enshored, and that I witnessed on my very first day, remains.

I see Enshored as a uniquely dynamic place, where people who possess those qualities of grit, determination, and the drive to succeed can achieve their goals. Whether in the form of promotion, a raise, taking on new projects or developing new skills – there is an abundance of opportunities at Enshored to become the best possible version of yourself.

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