Paddle is a meta SaaS, supporting other SaaS companies to sell their products. With a growth rate of 175% over the past four years, onboarding and supporting customers is a critical activity.

Paddle supports 2,000 software businesses in 150 countries to use their checkout and licensing solutions to scale internationally.


Paddle’s rapid scaling to thousands of B2B customers generated millions of tickets. The company’s six full-time employees were being overwhelmed. Eventually, response times grew longer, and buyers began to lose trust in the brand and the process.

“We were losing control of the queue, and we realized we were giving a very poor experience to those customers,” Paddle Success Operations Manager Gary McGrath says. “If you’re a customer who wants a refund and no one’s talking to you, obviously, you’re going to expect the worst.”

One of the critical pain points was about unrecognized credit card charges. The longer they waited for a response, the more concerned they became that the payment was fraudulent. At that point, the buyer would request a refund from their credit card company, triggering a chargeback. 

Paddle’s SaaS customers began to complain that the increase in chargebacks was skewing their sales and revenue data. It became more difficult to measure marketing campaign results, conduct financial forecasting and assess other business intelligence.

Paddle decided to outsource with a particular vision in mind. They wanted an extension of their team or, as McGrath describes it, “a business partner that wasn’t in our office.” Company leaders were adamant about partnering with a company that shared similar values and treated its workers well. Upon discovering Enshored, McGrath was impressed by Enshored’s culture of empowering its workers. Like Paddle, Enshored valued its employees and proved it in corporate policies. The outsourcing provider offered benefits like health insurance, holiday pay, and professional development. 

“People are important at Enshored. That’s what came across. And to us, that was really, really important”, McGrath says. 


Paddle’s buyer support function is more robust than it has ever been. The team is consistently growing, and the buyer support team now operates 16 hours a day, doubling the eight-hour coverage before the partnership. We undertook extensive training for the Enshored team. To process refunds to consumers in 150 countries, team members had to study tax policies and compliance regulations, which vary by country. Our training generates an average score of 94%. 

In the past, Paddle’s sales team was reluctant to promote buyer support to prospects or new customers, losing sales time in trying to resolve queries themselves.  Now CX has become a solid unique selling proposition for Paddle’s sales team.



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A sales team equipped with Enshored as a USP

“The team is very professional; the quality is outstanding. Enshored always impress us.”

Gary McGrath | Paddle Success Operations Manager